Missional work is a main emphasis at NLCC. To have individuals and families that love the Lord involved in soul winning and helping others is vital to the church’s spiritual health. Below you'll see the missionaries we support both locally, out of state, and overseas.

If you have any questions concerning contacting our missionaries or our missions program, please contact us via our missions email box. kiverson@midwestinfo.com


Missions We Support


Out of State Missions 


Brandon & Amy Smith - Ambassadors for Christ – Fargo, ND

Brandon's ministry of Evangelism and Discipleship is among college students on the three local Universities. Much of this work is with athletes. He also has a ministry of the Word in the local community and church. He preaches and teaches in various settings such as the local Church, Retreats, juvenile detention, and Christian ministries on University campuses. 

God has also given Brandon and Amy a very special calling with the gift of their two- year old son Beckett with special needs. Beckett has severe disabilities as a result of neurological damage. Leaving her fruitful ministry with college women, Amy has embraced the unique and challenging role as primary daily caregiver. She blogs and writes frequent updates on Beckett’s ever-changing condition and God’s goodness on Caring-Bridge and Blog Spot. She has had a tremendous impact on hundreds of people through her writing and trust in God.

Beckett’s condition and their journey of suffering has opened many doors for the gospel to be proclaimed.Together, Brandon and Amy are advocates for those with special needs and their families. They have been blessed to discover and communicate God’s plan in disability to those inside and outside of the church.

-via Ambassadors fo Christ Website


Doug & Sherry Barron - Cru Military – San Diego, CA

Doug and Sherry are a part of a caring community passionate about connecting the global military community to Jesus Christ. Their goal is to spiritually build up the military community by meeting them at their greatest point of need. Doug and Sherry are reaching Navy and Marine military and families with the gospel targeting marriage and family issues, PTDS issues, and partnering with chaplains to enhance their duties.

Their purpose, as the military ministry of Cru, is to fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others while helping the body of Christ to do evangelism and discipleship.

Their goal is that everyone in the global military community knows someone who truly follows Jesus. In doing so, CRU believes many will become followers of Christ who in turn evangelize and disciple others. Guided by these aspirations, they pursue their mission with humility, compassion, and excellence because the people whom they serve deserve nothing less.

-via CRU Military Website

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Rod & Val Vaughn – Diamond willow ministries – Crow Creek Sioux Reservation, Fort Thompson, SD

The mission of Diamond Willow Ministries as a Christ centered organization is to empower and develop healthy Christian youth, families, and leaders by meeting current spiritual, emotional, and physical needs within the Native American community.

The vision of Diamond Willow Ministries is to bring the freedom and peace offered only in Jesus Christ to the Native American Community, becoming a source of light and an example for other communities to follow, ultimately bringing this freedom and peace to surrounding communities and the world beyond.

-via Dimond Willow Website


Cookson Hills christian ministry, oklahoma

Cookson Hills provides home, school, and therapy for kids who are at-risk.

For many kids, Cookson Hills is their childhood home. For others it’s a temporary home for about two years. All kids come here to live within a family. They enroll in school, they play sports, they make friends, they set the table, they laugh, they ride horses, they heal, and (we hope) they leave better than they came. Since 1957, they've been partnering with families to give kids love, education, and healing in a beautiful setting. 

Life at Cookson Hills is designed to help kids take responsibility for themselves both now and in the long-run. To successfully achieve their mission, they take into account every part of a kid’s world while they are with them. Cookson Hills develops a personalized Plan of Care for each child, which considers their physical, spiritual, educational, and emotional needs.

-via Cookson Hills Website


International Missions


Paul & Kathryn McAlister-pIONEER bIBLE tRANSLATORS

Pioneer Bible Translators bridges the gap between the church and the Bibleless peoples around the world. PBT is composed of Bible translators, literacy evangelists, church planters and a variety of support personnel working to see transformed lives through God’s Word in every language. PBT is serving 38 million people in 73 language projects in 17 countries. Paul and Kathryn are a part of the Bible translation team.

-via Pioneer Bible Translators Website

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Marv & Marie Bjorklund – South Africa

Working in South Africa, Marv and Marie focus on abused, neglected, and abandoned children. They also provide assistamce to abused single mothers needing help with babies. Through this ministry, their goal is to bring the light of Jesus to South Africa.

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Brad and Linda Berg - Rio bravo Christian Ministries - Mexico

In the year 2000, after several years of working with Mario Calderon of MBC Ministries both as short-term and full-time workers, Brad and Linda Berg began ministering in Mexico as Rio Bravo Christian Ministries. 

The focus of this work has been:  new church planting, evangelist financial support, training and teaching others, assisting other churches along the border with their teaching or building needs, providing disbursements of food, clothing and teaching resources as needed among the local churches and offering an opportunity for short-term mission service. Two churches were planted and as of July of 2015, both are functioning independent of Rio Bravo Christin Ministries, as was the goal many years ago. 

Brad as General Director throughout the years has overseen all aspects of the ministry efforts in Mexico from assisting other churches, to the planting of new churches and securing evangelists for them,  providing for property with buildings to meet their ministry needs. He has directed work projects performed by US short-term mission teams as they assisted other local churches both in construction as well as teaching or service positions.  He began and continues to direct the development of Rancho San Jose with it's property needs, agricultural needs, building and development and spiritual ministry.  Linda has served as Office Manager and Director of Women's and Children's Ministries until January of 2015.

-via Rio Bravo Christian Ministries Website



Aby & Babitha Kallimel – Northern India

In a giant leap of faith, Dr. Babitha Kallimel left behind her medical practice at Glacial Ridge Health Systems in Glenwood, MN to go to a remote tribal area in northern India, where her medical expertise is truly needed. Kallimel explained her reason for leaving, "As a follower of Jesus Christ, I strive to consciously understand and follow His will. That is the purpose of my life. In recent times, I have come to understand that it is God's will for me to return to South Asia and serve Him by taking His love through the world of medicine to the underprivileged and oppressed there. His will is my call."

Kallimel's mission work in northern India will be in conjunction with the nonprofit, Compelled, whose purpose is to lead physical and spiritual transformation of underprivileged and oppressed people groups. In addition, last year, Kallimel's husband, Aby, along with some friends were able to rescue some children who were in slavery or who were on their way to slavery. Since then, the Kallimels and their friends have started a children's home to take care of the formerly enslaved children. The Kallimels also plan to help start a second home, specifically for girls, in the next year or two.

Dr. Kallimel said, "A central part of our lives will be to take the love and light of Jesus Christ wherever we go. I go not to do big things necessarily. I go to be faithful in small things, in touching one life at a time. May God do the rest!"

- via EchoPress News on April 13, 2011



Tim & Luann Kuehl – Southern Africa

Tim and Luann's mission is to know God and to make him known, particularly among the amaZioni of the African Independent Churches. Their vision is that the amaZioni people of Southern Africa become soundly Biblical in their beliefs and practices. 

They're accomplishing this through reaching men and women in Southern Africa with the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that they may be brought to discipleship and service. They're aiding in the establishment of Biblically based churches. They're engaging and promoting any form of development among the peoples of Southern Africa. They're bringing believers to a realization of their responsibility in the Gospel and to encourage and help them to serve in the mission work of the church. All of this is being done to bring Jesus's Kingdom to Southern Africa.

-via Zion Evangelical Ministries of Africa Website


Nigel & Loida Pyle – Cebu City, Philippines

Nigel and Loida Pyle started Central Philippine Bible College and work toward planting churches, being involved in teaching ministries in and around Cebu City. Their mission work is primarily focused on working with a team of workers and students, training and equipping this team to do ministry. They equip Bible College students to participate in the outreach ministries in the city.  

Nigel has completed a M.Div. and is working on a PhD in Theology. He has received advanced training in missions as well as theology. He's passionate about training Filipinos to be cross-cultural missionaries. In addition to teaching at Central Philippine Bible College, Nigel is heavily involved in its funding and administration. Loida stays very busy in the college’s music program, administration and has continued training in music and is highly qualified with practical application of music in worship. 

-via Church of Christ, Cleveland, MN Facebook Post


Emrys & Usha Rees – India

Emrys Rees, a second-generation missionary, along with his wife, Usha, continue the work started by Emrys’ parents, David and J. Lois Rees in South India. They are involved in preaching the gospel to Hindus, Muslims, and nominal Christians. Some of their missions’ emphasis is in leadership training, discipling, and strengthening the congregations in urban and rural areas. They also work with youth groups, ladies groups, and small groups. The main focus of the Rees’ work is to manage a 40 bed hospital caring for leprosy victims and people living with HIV/AIDS

-via Eaglewood Christian Church November, 18, 2014


Local Missions

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Life Connections- Alexandria, MN

Life Connections is a non-profit charitable organization that has been providing love and support for over 45 years to women facing unplanned pregnancies. Life Connections treats each woman as an individual who deserves love and respect, as well as personal attention to her unique situation. We offer information and referrals to help clients meet their emotional and material needs. They're services include providing love, hope, encouragement, friendship, emotional support, non-judgmental, confidential help, free pregnancy tests, maternity and baby clothes, referrals, and information regarding pregnancy.

-via Life Connections Website


Kids are Vibrant - Alexandria, MN

Kids are Vibrant's mission is to provide a lifeline, connecting those who want to help with those who need it most. This is done through nutritional and healthy meals to hungry children. KAV makes a difference every day to hungry families in our local community. They provide nutritional meals through local Food Shelves, School Food Shelf Programs (both public and private), youth programs, as well as churches and missions that make us aware and enhance our endeavors to feed hungry children. Every child deserves a chance to thrive and be vibrant! KAV is creating that through food.


LifeRight Outreach - Alexandria, mn

LifeRight Outreach targets local men and women our of prison and rehab. They're committed to sharing with others how, through Christ, real life change is possible. This sharing encompasses spiritual, educational, and life skills development. Their vision is to bring hope to the broken, hurting, lonely, and searching through a personal relationship with Christ. LifeRight creates an atmosphere of success through providing sober housing, connection with educational opportunities and community resources, and motivating residents toward improvement and independent living. Everything done through LifeRight flows through Jesus and the restoration he offers everyone!

-via LifeRight Website

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Pine Haven Christian assembly - park rapids, mn

Pine Haven is New Life's camp of choice where we send our youth group and families for family camp. Pine Haven is where camp and Christ come together! Their goal is to give campers the opportunity to grow closer to God and experience the love of Christ. This is done through chapel and fireside services, Bible classes, personal devotional and prayer time, and through activities. Pine Haven provides tons of fun activities that include swimming, canoeing, volleyball, kickball, soccer, carpet-ball, gaga ball, and much more! 

-via Pine Haven Website


Regeneration center - Alexandria, mn

The Regeneration Center, a nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of Minnesota, was established in February of 1982 to minister healing to those trapped by destructive behavior through Christ-centered teaching, Biblical training and local and global Community Partnerships. The Regeneration Center is currently active in Biblical training and discipleship in the Alexandria area and has worked with local churches and other ministries to bring Freedom in Christ.  We have worked with Prison Fellowship to train over twenty volunteers for in-prison ministry and mentoring. We have grown to include ministries in Ghana, South Africa, Mexico and Haiti.

-via Regeneration Center Website

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Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge

MN Adult and Teen Challenge's mission is to assist teens and adults in gaining freedom from chemical addictions and other life controlling problems by addressing their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

They offer effective and affordable programs throughout Minnesota with campuses in Minneapolis, Brainerd, Duluth, Rochester and Buffalo. They offer both a long-term, faith-based recovery program and short-term treatment program, allowing us to effectively serve individuals with a broad spectrum of addiction issues; from those seeking treatment for the first time, to those who have been struggling with addiction for many years.

-via Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge Website